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Sunday, 12 June 2011

B2ST’s Yoseob clarifies that he does not have a girlfriend

On June 11th, B2ST’s Yoseob dismissed the various rumors about his relationship status, as circulated by his fans.
In a lengthy message to his fans, the star wrote:
“A lot of people are curious about this, so I’ll say it directly. I was joking when I mentioned a girlfriend on ‘Immortal Song 2.’ And please, just skip all the rumors about me and other celebrities, please… Like I said before, why can’t you believe in just what we say? 

Why do you believe these rumors and hurt us by telling us that you’re going to turn your backs to us and that you’re disappointed…?

Other people may call me petty for listening to this and that and answering to it all, but I feel that I have to clarify this misunderstanding between B2STs and B2UTYs, so I’m writing this out letter-by-letter with much difficulty.

First of all… There’s a rumor that I have a girlfriend.. That is not the truth at all.. I don’t know where this rumor first began, so I’m not able to say in detail why it’s wrong… It’s both upsetting and disappointing that I have to clarify myself like this.

I don’t know what else to say so I’m just writing and erasing… I’ll just end it here.”

but don;t worry , he already okay now ^^

(@helloimys) YOSEOB TWEETED JUST NOW:날 아껴주고 사랑해주고 걱정해주고 생각해주는. 오늘 고마웠어요 많이 안웃어서, 걱정시켜서 미안해요. 조금은 나아졌네요!^^여러분도 굿나잇

TRANS:Caring for me,loving for me,worrying about me,and thinking of me.Today,thank you so much and I'm so sorry for not smiling and making you worry.It's a bit better now!^^Everyone goodnight^^


  1. siann yo seob.
    B2uty ttp akan sokong die.
    hwaiting yo seobbie ! :)

  2. Yeah! my hubby is still mine. keke i'm believe in you.

  3. Aww... Yeoseob tu pkwe I sbnrnye.. Saje je tu tknk ngaku.. Eceh!
    Peraseen nk mampuih. xD

  4. dah tau dah .. abang sya yg sorang ni memang x penah ade GF sbb die memang budak baik .. bukan KAKI POMPUAN .. sbb tu la sya angkat die sbgaia abang dan idola saya .. yg paling sya sayang dalam B2ST :)